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Stakeholders require well-researched, reliable, and supportable valuation service opinions in many instances. Our professionals employ industry-leading methodologies to deliver valuation reports that drive decision-making. We are trusted valuation experts who provide fair value analyses for global businesses.

Our Valuation Services

Alternative Investments Valuation

As regulators tighten the grip around alternative investments, valuation reports provide the comfort and ensures adherence. KNAV provides audit-ready valuation analyses for Private Equity and Venture Capital clients accepted by all international accounting offices.

Complex Securities Valuation

As the corporate transaction structure witnesses the use of powerful tools like earn-outs, structured debt and equity-based derivatives, and such combinations, we offer clients comprehensive and integrated solutions for analysing, valuing, and accounting on a broad range of complex securities.

Financial Reporting Valuation

Financial statements rely on fair value measurements and there are many standards that guide valuation. Our team of experts understands the finer points of the accounting standards and their implications, delivering valuations that meet all compliance needs.

Transaction and Compliance Valuation Services

Business transformations like mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring offer many instances for valuation analyses, and these valuation reports provide businesses with the information they need to make the right decision. Regulators also have several valuation requirements in such cases. Our experts can provide all the required valuations needed by businesses and regulators.


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