Corporate Tax

To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, including Corporate Tax laws, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the applicable laws, accurate interpretation, and prompt execution.

Timely and accurate filing of tax returns is crucial and requires meticulous attention. At KNAV, we possess the expertise and experience to facilitate law-compliant practices in a proactive manner, enabling cost savings by identifying opportunities for tax optimization.

We develop the best practices by combining processes and technologies to build a tax governance framework, better compliance, and transform the tax function. Our solutions draw worthy insights from your data and deliver solutions to meet your business goals.

Our Corporate Tax services include:
• Tax computations
• Tax return preparations
• Addressing queries of regulators
• Addressing tax disputes
• Identifying risks related to the tax function
• Optimise tax benefits by identifying tax incentive opportunities
• Apply for tax incentives
• Apply for advance rulings
• Assist tax audit reviews
• Implement a tax governance framework
• Assist in transforming the current tax framework

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With in-depth knowledge and industry-wide experience, we ensure better compliance, improved tax function, and legitimate opportunities to save taxes.

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