About Us

About Us

With nearly two decades of experience, KNAV has charted a course to be one of the world’s leading accounting and consulting firms. We provide an expansive suite of services to deliver the best solutions for our clients. With over 200+ professionals in 6 countries, our team combines local insights with global expertise to design powerful strategies and help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

At KNAV, we understand the importance of staying connected, and as part of Allinial Global, we offer our clients a broad array of resources and support across the globe. Our commitment to customer service, integrity, and innovation makes us the best choice for businesses of all sizes. So join us in connecting the dots and being part of something bigger.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

is to help people and organisations achieve their full potential by raising Performance and Profitability through Experience, Knowledge and Agility.

Best professional practices

We maintain the highest ethical standards, safeguard client confidentiality, keep an unbiased perspective, and effectively utilize client and firm resources. Our efforts guarantee that KNAV is trustworthy and accepts accountability for its actions.


We pledge to be the best version of ourselves. To accomplish this, We put the client at the center of all we do. We firmly believe and commit to consistently providing the best client experience. We strive for excellence by developing our knowledge, skills, and attitudes. We always seek to improve our services.

Freedom of Expression

Be willing to hear new perspectives and ways of thinking, accept change, and impart your expertise. Be receptive to suggestions from all stakeholders, act on them, and make improvements. One of the metrics for growth is freedom of thinking.


We maintain the highest ethical standards by safeguarding client confidentiality, keeping an unbiased perspective, and effectively utilizing client and firm resources. Our efforts guarantee that KNAV is trustworthy and accepts accountability for its actions.

Global Reach

When handled domestically, the potential hazards associated with tax and regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and the raising of investment capital are challenging enough. However, the issues and difficulties increase tremendously when they cross borders and involve several authorities.

Most of KNAV’s clients have international goals or presence, and we have the expertise they require to successfully manage challenging, time-sensitive issues in a dynamic global environment.

We advise our clients on solutions for international tax structuring, transfer pricing, and due diligence issues. Along with helping our clients comply with the constantly changing demands of managing a corporate presence in foreign jurisdictions, we also assist them in matching their business objectives with their tax structures.

Technology Focus

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The workplace is rapidly evolving in the age of Industry 4.0. The emergence of new technologies like Robotics Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence has a consequential impact on the services that KNAV gives its end clients and how we choose to harness new technologies in our quest to boost the quality and cost of our services.

To help you improve your performance and add more value to your business without having to learn all the newest technology, KNAV uses the most advanced AI, machine learning, and analytics technologies.

We use advanced technologies to cater to the right solution for different businesses.

Cyber Security

With each passing day, digital attacks inside and outside your company’s network become more sophisticated. KNAV collaborates with partners to ensure your company knows network security risks, prevents data breaches, and stops information theft.

We provide a complete solution through our partners, including tools for monitoring, enforcing policy, auditing, and reporting.

Data Analytics

In 2017, we started working with MindBridge AI, the industry-leading artificial intelligence tool for forensic analysis and auditing anomaly identification. Our use of AI and automation tools speeds up repetitive and time-consuming procedures. Still, more importantly, it provides our auditors with more excellent knowledge to compare and examine data from several dimensions.

To give you the clarity and capacity to support decisions, it is essential to provide a broad understanding of your organization while allowing you to drill down to the intricacies.

Client Data Security

At KNAV, we emphasize maintaining the security and accessibility of our client’s data. While working with sensitive client data, we must take precautions to prevent the breach of private data. We use a renowned cloud-based file-sharing platform with excellent data encryption, making sharing massive files very simple. In addition, information sharing is made simple and secure through our client data gateway.

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