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The opportunities and risks in tax and regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, the raising of investment capital are daunting enough when dealt domestically. When extended across borders into multiple jurisdictions, the problems and challenges increase exponentially. A vast majority of KNAV’s clients have international presence or ambitions and we have the expertise they need to help successfully manage complex, time-sensitive issues in a dynamic global environment.

We advise our clients on international tax structuring opportunities, transfer pricing, and due diligence matters. We also help our clients align their business objectives with their tax structure & comply with the ever-changing requirements of managing a business presence in foreign jurisdictions.


KNAV International Limited

KNAV’s International Services Group is committed to providing quality tax, accounting, auditing and consulting services to private and public companies with global operations.

KNAV International Limited (KNAV International) is a private not for profit company, incorporated in the State of Georgia, United States. It is owned by its members. Client services are delivered by KNAV International members, each of which is a locally owned and managed independent firm. Each governs itself and handles its administrative matters locally, and is responsible for its own liabilities.

The rights and obligations of KNAV International member firms are set out in the Bye-laws and Articles of Incorporation and included in the individual member firm agreements that each firm signs before joining KNAV International.

The network is governed by the Board of Directors, supported by a Global Office team deputed from member firms.

KNAV International and its member firms collectively are referred to as KNAV. The current member firms of KNAV International are:

  • KNAV CPA LLP (US member firm)
  • KNAV Advisory Inc. (US member firm)
  • Indé Global Inc. (US member firm)
  • KNAV & CO LLP (India member firm)
  • KNAV Tax LLP (India member firm)
  • KNAV Advisory Private Limited (India member firm)
  • Indé Global Consulting LLP (India member firm)
  • KNAV Professional Corporation (Canada member firm)
  • HP Professional Corporation (Canada member firm)
  • KNAV Services LLP (Singapore member firm)
  • KNAV Limited (UK member firm)
  • Aventus Partners Limited (UK member firm)

Allinial Global

Members of KNAV International are member firms of Allinial Global, an association of independent accounting and consulting firms, which provides clients with additional worldwide access to a wealth of integrated resources.

Allinial Global is more than 248 members strong and growing, with 688 locations throughout the world generating over $ 4.18 billion in collective revenues and was recently ranked the second largest accounting association in the world by The International Accounting Bulletin.

Due to their technical excellence, many Allinial Global members have been appointed to prestigious committees and boards such AICPA’s Technical Issues Committees, Employee Benefit Plans Expert Panel, Forensics and Valuation Services Executive Committee, and numerous State Boards of Accountancy.

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IR Global

IR Global is a multi-disciplinary professional services association that provides legal, accountancy, financial advice to companies and individuals around the world.

Professionals within member firms of KNAV international are members of IR Global. Representing 1,224 members, covering over 92 unique practice areas and 20 working groups in 161 jurisdictions, IR Global members meet the needs of the most complex client requirements.

Since 2010, the IR Global community has grown to over 1000 members worldwide based on the principles of friendship, trust and a shared belief in going beyond the traditional role of the adviser.

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Pride Partners International™ (PPI™)

Members of KNAV International are a member of Pride Partners International™ (PPI™), a global association of transfer pricing and financial valuation consulting firms with a presence in most entrepreneurial markets around the globe. Today, the global challenges regarding transfer pricing have become an inflexion point between worldwide tax compliance and the financial objectives of Multinational Enterprises (MNE). Members of this association have a clear understanding of these contemporary issues and work together to assess these new challenges. The association was born as an imminent response to global market needs, which demand a platform for international transfer pricing and valuation advisors that guarantees companies an efficient and professional service. Members of the association have a clear understanding of these contemporary issues and work together to assess these new challenges.

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