KNAV helps clients fulfil their most complex valuation requirements for financial and tax reporting. In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we provide multidisciplinary and cross-border services. Using our in-depth knowledge of accounting and tax compliance issues, regulatory and industry changes, and the latest business valuation developments, we provide reliable valuation analyses for your tax and financial reporting needs.

Our Services

Alternative Investments

KNAV has expertise in providing fair value analyses for global businesses across all stages of growth.  Clients have trusted us with their alternative investment valuations for financial reporting under FRS 113/ SFRS(I) 13/ IFRS 13 and several local/global compliance-related valuations requirements.

Complex Securities Valuation

Our team of professionals are well equipped to provide transparent and independent valuation solutions, fully supported by a detailed narrative report suitable for review by independent auditors and the authorities in different jurisdictions.

Financial Reporting Valuations

The KNAV team is well-versed in the accounting requirements underlying the need for financial valuations. We also understand the intricacies and implications associated with the various accounting pronouncements underlying the need for detailed and documented value conclusions.

Tax and Regulatory

At KNAV, we offer one-stop solutions for all your compliance requirements. Our valuation expertise combined with cross-service collaboration ensures a seamless process for you. KNAV’s valuation team specializes in performing valuations compliant with regulations across major geographies across the globe.

Transaction and Compliance Valuation Services

KNAV’s valuation team has the expertise to steer through the complexities involved in conducting transaction related valuations. Our valuation analysis is backed by detailed narrative reports ensuring that clients and regulators comprehend the methods and assumptions applied to determine the value estimate.


Financial Services


Private Equity /Venture Capital

Technology & Media and Entertainment

Healthcare and Pharma

Manufacturing and Distribution

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